Seed-to-Seed logo

Greenwich Land Trust’s Seed-to-Seed is a community-based initiative dedicated to restoring native plants to the local landscape through community outreach, plant propagation, and habitat restoration. The Land Trust is uniquely qualified to create this initiative, having already developed significant infrastructure, staff expertise, and partnerships focused on native plants. Seed-to-Seed puts GLT’s resources to work, maximizing the production of vital native plant species while fostering more community connections.

The goals of Seed-to-Seed are achieved via three approaches:
• Propagation: Create a hub of native plant production at GLT
• Education: Establish GLT as a native plant resource for the community
• Conservation: Restore and steward thriving habitats on GLT open space

Learning and volunteer opportunities will be held every Tuesday from 10am to noon. Meet Greenwich Land Trust staff at the greenhouse to grow plants and learn about their role in the ecosystem. Fill out our volunteer interest survey to get more information about Seed-to-Seed programs throughout the year.

Seed to Seed Diagram and Concept Map