Greenwich Land Trust’s Seed-to-Seed initiative is dedicated to restoring native plants to the local landscape through plant propagation, education and outreach, and habitat restoration. GLT is uniquely qualified to create this initiative, having already developed significant Infrastructure, staff expertise, and partnerships focused on native plants. Seed to Seed puts GLT’s resources to work, maximizing the production of vital native plant species while fostering more community connections.


  • Propagation: With the help of volunteers, Land Trust staff cycle planning for testosterone propionate collects more than 20 native seed species from GLT nature preserves each year. Purple Milkweed, Joe Pye Weed, Butterfly Weed, Green Coneflower, and other plants are propagated in GLT’s greenhouse throughout the winter, yielding over 2,500 plants.
  • Education: Greenwich Land Trust increases awareness of the benefits of native species through workshops, family events, and school programs. Seed-to-Seed offers horticultural training to GLT Youth Corps participants and fosters partnerships with other community organizations.
  • Conservation: Seed-to-Seed strengthens GLT’s community relationships with schools, gardening groups, and other organizations that support native plant restoration. Native plants are shared and planted throughout the Greenwich landscape to restore and create thriving habitats.