We are a local land conservation organization, actively seeking open space throughout Greenwich to protect and care for in perpetuity.


It matters because open space is vital to the environmental health of our community and its character. Open space promotes clean air, clean water, and preservation of wildlife habitats, native species, and natural beauty.

A management plan is developed for each property, according to its unique topography, habitats and plants. Our staff works with trained volunteers to monitor, assess, and provide property upkeep as needed. Upkeep may include removal of invasive species, re-planting of native plants, tree work. Staff and volunteers visit our properties, at least once each year, monitoring for any issues which are reported to the Stewardship staff.

  • We own outright over 1,012 acres throughout the community. On these “fee” properties, we are responsible for all the care and costs associated with upkeep of the land.
  • We hold conservation easements on the other 200+ acres. GLT is responsible for monitoring all easements to ensure that the conservation restrictions are upheld, but not for the actual care or costs of upkeep. Those costs are the responsibility of the property owner.

A conservation easement is a legal agreement between the GLT and a landowner to protect property from future development. The landowner who gives or sells an easement retains ownership but gives up certain development rights in exchange for protecting his land and receiving tax benefits. Conservation easements are tailored to each situation, based on the land and the landowner’s needs

In addition to the satisfaction of protecting open space, donors may receive sizeable income, estate and property tax benefits. The magnitude of the tax benefits depends on the nature of the gift, the size of the property and the donor’s personal tax situation which can only be assessed by the donor’s tax and legal advisors. GLT does not provide specific tax or legal advice to donors.

We acquire land in two ways:

  • Landowner donations
  • Targeted fund-raising campaigns or partnerships to purchase land

No, we are a private, non-profit conservation organization and member of the Land Trust Alliance, a national network of 1,700 land trusts. We receive no funding from the Town of Greenwich. However, we often work closely in partnership with the Town and other groups on open space projects. The acquisition of Treetops Preserve is one example of a Town/GLT partnership.

We protect 1,012 acres, over 82 properties, from the backcountry to the shoreline of Greenwich and into Stamford and New Castle, NY. Likely, there is a GLT property or conservation easement in your neighborhood. Our properties include forests, woodlands, meadows, orchards, buffer lands for rivers and streams, and tidal marshes throughout the community.
Examples of some of our most well-known properties include:

  • Shell Island in Long Island Sound
  • Fisher Field at Sabine Farm on Round Hill Road
  • The 94-acre Treetops Preserve along the Greenwich/Stamford border
  • Mueller Preserve, GLT headquarters at 370 Round Hill Road
  • The 80-acre Converse Brook Preserve on Cherry Valley Road, directions.

Some are, such as Byram River Preserve, Converse Brook Preserve, and Treetops Preserve and the Mueller Preserve. Many of our properties are deed restricted, donated as wildlife sanctuaries or nature preserves by landowners to protect and preserve open space. The GLT must honor the terms as part of the legal agreement for the easement or donation of land. Some of our properties are also located in inaccessible areas. However, every property, accessible to the public or not, benefits all of us by creating “green corridors” of open space within the community. This helps preserve and protect our water and air, habitats, wildlife, and the natural beauty of our community for all of us to enjoy.

We are a local, grass roots organization. We actively manage our properties. Our properties are protected forever, deed restricted, and cannot be sold or developed.

We were founded more than 40 years ago, by a visionary group of Greenwich residents who foresaw the need to protect our environment for future generations. Originally a division of Audubon Greenwich, Greenwich Land Trust, Inc. became a separate entity in 1976.

In 2012, the Greenwich Land Trust received national accreditation (re-accredited in 2018 & 2024) – one of only about 10% of the 1,700 land trusts nationwide at that time.

Call GLT Executive Director Will Kies at 203-629-2151. We have experts who can assist you with the process and tax benefits of land donation or conservation easements.

There are several ways to interact with GLT. Join us, attend our informative educational programs, take part in our seasonal walks, engage in events, An Evening at the Farmstead and Maple Sugar Day. Volunteer "hands-on" with us by lending a hand in the office, greenhouse, organic vegetable garden, or special events. Take part in our yearly appeal or one of our special fundraising events.

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