Annual Meeting 2017

Board of Directors 2018

2018 Greenwich Land Trust Board of Directors

On November 29, 2017, Greenwich Land Trust (GLT) held its annual meeting at the Round Hill Club.  More than 150 GLT members and guests were greeted by a roaring fire on the hearth and glittering holiday décor in the living room. After a welcome by Board President, Matt Bostock, retiring board members were thanked for their tireless work in support of the Land Trust’s mission, to protect, conserve and steward open space. Also, new members of the Board — Elise Hillman Green, Anita Keefe, and Erin Spiess Chang – were welcomed.

Guests enjoyed hearing from speaker Michael Hagen, New York Botanical Garden’s (NYBG) Curator of the Rock Garden and Native Plant Garden about native plants and their importance in maintaining natural habitats. The meeting concluded with guests gathering in the grill room for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.

Elise Green, Anita Keefe BruceDixon.MattBostock Bill King, Urling Searle, Camille Broderick.WEB Vickie Waters, Gretchen Bylow, Megan Officer, Elise Green Michael Hagen, Will Kies Michael Hagen, Ann Sawyer IMG_9492 Bill and Julia Boysen, Elise Green IMG_9491 Chris Aldrich, Sophie Neumann, Dan Fausel, Will Kies, Meri Erickson, Steve Conaway Phd IMG_9487 Erin Chang, Elise Green IMG_9479 Louisa Stone, Ginny Gwynn, Barry Montgomery IMG_9477 Lindley Pless, Sue Baker, Tara Vittone IMG_9475 Chris Aldrich, Jim and Jean Carr, Tamara Ng-Yow IMG_9472 Keith and Cheryl Guliner, Rusty Parker IMG_9470 Alice Melly, Julia Boysen IMG_9468 Bill Boysen, Andy and Nancy Chapin, Gary Silberberg IMG_9467 Juliana Davis, Karl W. Davis ESQ IMG_9464 Debbie Sterling, Sylvia Felcyn IMG_9463 Bill Rutherford, Denise Savageau IMG_9461 Mike Aurelia, Jane Moffat, Keith Felcyn IMG_9459 Hooker O'Malley, Bruce Dixon, Jane and Bill Nickerson, Helen Dixon IMG_9456 Glenn Shaw, Maria Lund IMG_9454 Dotty Cholnoky, Margaret Bragg IMG_9452 Lola and Edward Zebro IMG_9451 Joy Rendhal, Katherine Prokop IMG_9449 Richard Schulze, David Ogilvy IMG_9447 Philip Ness, Camilla Borg, Jeff Reardon, Susan Ness IMG_9445 Louisa Stone, Richard Bergstresser, John Nelson IMG_9443 Bob and Karen Brinker IMG_9441 Marilyn Harris, David and Clare Kane, Gerry Reilly IMG_9439 Anthony Hill, Rhonnise Jackson IMG_9437 Dean Fausel, Wendy Ford IMG_9434 Steve Conoway Phd, Bruce Fogwell IMG_9433 Sue Baker, Bill Boysen, Tamara Ng-Yow IMG_9431 Ann Sawyer, Elizabeth Hopley, Leslie Lee, Chloe Gavin IMG_9429 Keith and Cheryl Guliner IMG_9426 Bill Nichols, John Keeshan, Jean and Rick Witmer IMG_9424 Norma Bartol, Stefanie Kies, Stephen Walko IMG_9420 Rob Searle, Ann Sawyer, Elise Green IMG_9418 Matt Bostock, Lindley Pless, Tara Vittone IMG_9417 Chris Nichols, Friend IMG_9409 Jean and Jim Carr IMG_9399 Ron Strackbein, Michael Hagen, Davidde Strackbein IMG_9395 Elise Green, Anita Keefe IMG_9384 Janice Richards, Friend, Louisa Stone, Mei Stone