After being given the historic and unprecedented opportunity, Greenwich Land Trust acquired the 72 acres of open space, now known as Converse Brook Preserve, on September 30. With large undeveloped parcels becoming increasingly rare in our community, conserving those that remain becomes vitally important.

Converse Brook Preserve will provide an expansive new greenway for the Greenwich community. Greenwich Land Trust partnered with the Town of Greenwich to purchase this treasured landscape, which preserves and protects our community’s character, critical habitat, and water quality in the Byram River watershed.

Since Greenwich Water Company purchased much of the forested land surrounding the Rockwood and Putnam Reservoirs in the late 19th century, the corner of Lake Avenue and Old Mill Road has retained its woodland character, reminiscent of the natural heritage that once existed throughout Greenwich.

Threaded with the remnants of colonial era stonewalls, the land has remained untouched for generations, offering a respite from the developed areas of Town. Converse Brook Preserve is now Greenwich Land Trust’s largest preserve and will allow the community to partake in outdoor activities and educational programming through guided walks and hikes, nature study, and family events.
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The preserve is 72 acres. It is a mature hardwood forest with Converse Pond Brook, an active tributary of the Byram River, and large areas of wetlands throughout the property. The property was once owned by Greenwich Water Company before Aquarion Water Company acquired the land in 2005. Aquarion stills owns 20+ acres to the north.

Greenwich Land Trust will own the land and be responsible for its management, maintenance, and stewardship. The Town of Greenwich will have a conservation easement on the property.

There will be public access to the preserve. Recreational activities such as birding, hiking and nature walks, that preserve the natural eco-systems and habitats of the woodlands will be available to the public.

Converse Brook Preserve is class III land which does not flow into the Town’s drinking water supply. It is a tributary of the Byram River and its wetlands draw in and filter water from a wide surrounding area of developed properties.

Yes, the Byram River drains a watershed area of 29 square miles. The river flows through six towns located in the border region of southwestern Connecticut and southeastern New York. Converse Pond Brook and the greater East Branch of the Byram River make up 37% of the entire Byram River watershed.

Converse Brook Preserve is part of a larger 800-acre open space corridor that includes GLT’s 52-acre Westfall Preserve, 297-acre town-owned Babcock Preserve, and 453 acres of Aquarion properties (Rockwood and Putnam Reservoirs). This greenway strategically links important landscapes and connects critical habitats and natural communities.






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