Our Leadership

Board of Directors

GLT’s volunteer Board of Directors
is responsible for setting and monitoring policies that are carried out by professional staff.

Matthew F. Bostock

Richard Powers
Vice President & Treasurer

Camille E. Broderick
Bruce D. Dixon
Vice President

Margaret E. Conboy
Secretary & Counsel

Gretchen Bylow
Andrew M. Chapin
John R. Conte
Kenneth C. Halcom
Elizabeth Hopley
Jacqueline C. Keeshan
William King
Chris Wolfe Nichols
William H. Nickerson
Megan Officer
Pamela S. Pagnani
Lindley Tilghman Pless
Mark Pruner
Janice Trebbi Richards
Ann Sawyer
Urling L. Searle
Caralyn Stevens
Tara Breslin Vittone
Stephen G. Walko
Jean H. Witmer

Honorary Directors
William H. Boysen, Jr.
James W. Cobbs
Robert A. Hack
Jane D. Hogeman
N. George Host
Leslie S. Lee
David F. Ogilvy
Louisa H. Stone

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council actively promotes
GLT’s mission, goals, and land protection
projects with their insight, leadership,
and financial support.

Tamara Ng Yow
Ted Walworth
2016 Co-Chairs

Sue Baker
Dan Barrett
Camille & Bill Broadbent
Alisa Brockelman
Lucy & Mike Danziger
Patricia Dillon
Nancy Downing
Keith & Sylvia Felcyn
Susan Fisher
Nora & Madison Grose
Lauren & Gray Hampton
Anita Keefe
Leslie Lee
Susan Lynch
Don & Jan Marchand
Alice Melly
Jack Moffly
John Nelson
Earl Nemser
Alison & Brad Nordholm
Anne & David Ogilvy
Anita & Jeff O’Sullivan
Rusty Parker
Lolly Prince
Jeff Reardon
Crissy Robinson
Deborah & Chuck Royce
Ann Sawyer
Dee Dee Sherman
Anna & Larry Simon
Liz & Everett Smith
Kathleen & Rob Stowe

Leadership Circle

The Leadership Circle recognizes individuals who have donated to GLT at the highest membership levels with giving of $2,500 or greater in the current or previous year. We are grateful for the generous support of these loyal members.

Joanna and Luke Albright
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Bostock
Merilee and Roy Bostock
Mr. and Mrs. William Broadbent
Alisa and Curt Brockelman
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Broderick
Mr. and Mrs. W. Michael Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Lance Bylow
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Campbell Jr.
Ms. Margaret Conboy Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. John Conte
Mrs. Karin Crooks
Lucy and Nat Day
Roberta and Steve Denning
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce D. Dixon
Pamela and David B. Ford
Mr. and Mrs. L. Scott Frantz
Mr. John Freeman and Mr. Scott Bessent
Nora and Madison Grose
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Halcom
Bill and Anne Harrison
Mr. and Mrs. George Hopley
Mr. and Mrs. N. George Host
Mrs. Jeanne Host
Anita Keefe and Luke McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. John Keeshan
Mr. and Mrs. William King
Jane and Richard Kresch
Mr. Peter Lagemann
Elizabeth and Doug Lake
Sally and Alex Lynch
Susan E. Lynch
Mr. and Mrs. Fernando Maddock
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Mandel, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Mark
Sylvia and Leonard Marx, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Mattis
Kate and Dan McNamara
Alice Pack Melly
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Mueller
Mr. John E. Nelson II
Mr. and Mrs. William Nichols
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Nickerson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Niner
Alison and Brad Nordholm
Mr. and Mrs. David Ogilvy
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O’Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. David Oxman
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Powers
Sarah and Jeff Pribyl
Dr. and Mrs. James S. Reibel
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Richards
Deborah and Darren Ross
Mrs. Peter Sacerdote
Ann Sawyer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Searle
Diana G. Serrell
Mr. and Mrs. Hal Shaw
Anna and Larry Simon
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Simpson
Mr. and Mrs. Graham S. Stephens
Caralyn and Doug Stevens
Mark and Lucy Stitzer
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Strackbein
Cheryl S. Tague
Mrs. Langdon Van Norden
Tara and Paul Vittone
The Waters Family
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Witmer Jr.