How We Acquire Land


he Greenwich Land Trust actively works with landowners and local residents to preserve and protect more than 741 acres in Greenwich and surrounding areas. Learn more about the land donation process.

Our goals are to protect important natural resources and to build greenways which provide extended and continuous open space while protecting waterways, woodlands and open meadows. There are two ways that the GLT can protect land permanently:
  Ownership of the land
  Ownership of the development rights (known as Conservation Easements)

Most of the Greenwich Land Trust properties have been generously donated by landowners through outright donations.  Shell Island was given to the GLT in 1990 by owner Julius Silver to protect the island from development forever. The Westfall Preserve, a 51-acre property next to the Town’s Babcock Preserve, was donated to the GLT in 1989 by the Baker-Patterson family. This donation extended a significant greenway in mid-Greenwich providing additional wildlife habitat and protecting trees and streams from new development.

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